MirroFlex plastic panel colours & finishes

MirroFlex Structures are decorative laminates for wall panels and ceiling tiles with a fantastic range of finishes available that replicate metal, metallic, mirror and wood paneling. Choose any finish and any pattern to create your MirroFlex Structure, with hundreds of design combinations possible. Gold Mirror finish, Copper Fantasy or Washed Oak wood effect laminates are just a few exciting examples available for creating outstanding displays in hotels, bars or restaurants. Create your decorative laminate wall panels and ceiling tiles online now.

Common uses for Decorative Panelling

MirroFlex Structures are used in restaurants, hotels, bars and retail display applications. Designers now have the option to select the desired MirroFlex Structure to match any interior projects and creating outstanding displays.

Click the images below to view all our patterns in the Finish you require.

CBS 1000 Mirror Silver
CBS 2000 Mirror Gold
CBS 513 Mirror Red
CBS 532 Mirror Blue
CBS 538 Mirror Green
CBS 5001 Brushed Aluminium
CBS 514 Brushed Copper
N522 Oil Rubbed Bronze
N401 Argent Copper
N530 Argent Bronze
N439 Argent Silver
N496 Argent Gold
N528 Light Maple
N505 Pearwood
N516 Welsh Cherry
N535 Washed Oak
N419 Crosshatch Silver
N414 Moonstone Copper
N418 Muted Gold
N415 Cracked Copper
N190 Copper Fantasy
N507 Bronze Fantasy
N417 Bermuda Bronze
N519 Smoked Pewter
EccoFlex Paintable
EccoFlex Black