Mojave in EccoFlex Paintable

MirroFlex Structures

MirroFlex Structures are decorative thermoplastic panels that are three dimensional in design. They have impact, chemical. abrasion, U.V. stain and fire resistant properties. The extensive selection of Mirroflex decorative patterns are now available to view and order online with hundreds of designs and colour combinations possible. MirrorFlex Structures are suitable as wall panels. ceiling tiles, backsplashes, furniture, display fixtures and many other interior design applications. Many designs feature patent pending BIO (Built In Overlap), a unique seam system that makes installation easy and hides the seams. MirroFlex Structures are available in multiple sizes and offers designers great diversity for creating eye-catching interior displays.

Applications for MirroFlex Structures

Mirrorflex Structures decorative panelling offers unique textured appearances and are used in hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and venues that want to attract maximum attention. These decorative panels are suitable for traditional and contemporary applications for commercial and residential use and are used extensively for wall coverings, decorated panelling, backsplash panels, ceiling tiles and trim applications. These decorative laminate panels are supplied to the furniture, hospitality, retail, store fixture, display, architectural, interior design and DIY markets worldwide.

Mirroflex Designs and Finishes

Mirroflex Structures feature deeply textured decorative designs with unique metal laminate options for ceiling and wall applications that replicate metals, woods and mirrored finishes. Our argent finishes are abrasion and scratch resistant plus easy to install, suitable for traditional and contemporary applications. MirroFlex Structure offers the largest selection of decorative panelling designs available with hundreds of patterns and colour combinations possible from 4 fabulous collections. Mirroflex colours are available in over 25 different finishes to choose.

Choose Any Pattern + Any Finish = MirroFlex Structures

Chocolate Squares in Mirror Blue  Finish
Chocolate Squares in Mirror Blue finish

Customise and create your own interior panels and wall designs

We offer designers the opportunity to create and customise decorative panels for your interior wall designs and ceiling applications. Simply select any pattern plus colour finish from the extensive range available to create your desired MirroFlex Structures. Instant views and selection of hundreds of patterns and colour design combinations possible offering the perfect solution for all your interior applications.

Mirroflex Structures Panelling are available in Tiles, Panels & Sheets

Decorative Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Panels

Wall Panelling and Surfaces Panels

Wainscott Panels

Blacksplash Panels