Mojave in EccoFlex Paintable

Ceiling Tiles

Glue Up Designs
Glue Up Ceiling Tiles are available in both 610mm x 610mm (2' x 2') and 610mm x 1220mm (2' x 4') tiles, they are designed with an overlap system (see BIO) to make installation easy, fast and forgiving. Glue Up tiles can be used on the ceiling and on the wall.

Lay In Ceiling Tiles
Designed to fit most suspension grid ceiling systems. The 610mm x 610mm (2' x 2') would produce no sag. It is recommended that a standard mineral tile (old or new) be used on top of our lay in tiles to hold them in place. The 610mm x 1220mm (2' x 4') might produce sag and require a small amount of adhesive to eliminate sag.

Tegular Design
The embossed part of the design is lower than the suspension grid and the 4 edges are flat to fit nicely into the grid. Tegular tiles are designed to fit most 24mm and 14mm, 610mm x 610mm grid system.

BIO (Built in Overlap)

Overlap system that hides seams and makes installation easy, fast and forgiving. The built in overlap system has flat edges on two adjoining sides of the Mirroflex panel. By orienting all sheets in the same direction abd overlapping the panels, the semas are less noticeable. The placement of the sheet is also more flexible so that slight imperfections in the material will not affest the finished look.