Mojave in EccoFlex Paintable


EccoFlex™ has many of the same properties as standard MirroFlex and is available in any MirroFlex design. Eccoflex is made from 40% pre-consumer recycled content material that is in accordance with the International Organisation of Standards document, ISO 14021. It exceeds compliance with major third party systems such as LEED and Green Globes. Therefore specifying EccoFlex may assist project teams in complying with LEED product driven credits, such as Materials and Resources MR4 Recycled Content. Eccoflex is lightweight, flexible until installed, has high impact resistance and meets ASTM E84 Class 1 fire ratings. EccoFlex is available in Eccoflex Paintable, Eccoflex Black and many other Mirroflex finishes but with the major advantage of offering sustainability with eco conscience in mind. The photo above shows Mojave design in the EccoFlex Paintable finish and looks fabulous.

EccoFlex has all the same properties as MirroFlex;

•Ease of “on the job” fabrication
•High quality appearance
•Ability to be bent and/or die cut to almost any shape needed, i.e., furniture parts, molding, tables, etc.
•Wide color range to meet designers’ specification
•Designers and architects are interested because of the material’s unique appearance