MirroFlex Structures

The largest selection of decorative patterns available for interior panelling applications

MirroFlex Structures are decorated thermoplastic laminate panels that are three dimensioned by a proprietary process. These decorative panelling products are most similar to High Pressure Laminates in thickness and size. The decorative laminates have high impact resistant, chemical, abrasion, U.V., stain and fire resistant properties.

MirroFlex Structures are available in multiple sizes and offers designers great diversity for creating eye-catching interior displays. These decorative laminate are suitable as wall panels. ceiling tiles, backsplashes, furniture, display fixtures and many other interior design applications. Many designs feature patent pending BIO (Built In Overlap), a unique seam system that makes installation easy and hides the seams. MirroFlex Structures offer the largest selection of decorative patterns available for interior panelling applications.

MirroFlex Structures plastic panelling can easily be cut to size with razor knives or scissors. They can also be applied to many substrates with pressure sensitive adhesive strips and can be used for retrofits and DIY panelling applications. MirroFlex Structures are suitable for beautiful interior panelling applications. They are flexible enough to roll for easy shipping, but completely rigid when applied to wall, ceilings and backsplashes.

Advantages of MirroFlex Structures Decorative Panelling

• Can be easily cut and fabricated
• High quality appearance
• Lightweight and flexible until installed
• Panelling can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesive
• Protective carrier sheet which does not have to be removed until final fabrication is completed
• Ability to be bent and/or die cut to almost any shape needed, i.e., furniture parts, molding, tables, etc.
• Wide color range to meet designers’ specification
• unique 3D appearance